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Story Corps

One of the benefits of working at the CBC are the training sessions that we are invited to participate in from time to time.  Today’s CBC’s English Services Training session called “The Best of the World” brought together the most innovative programming from this year’s INPUT (INternational PUblic Tv) conference. I was able to attend the day’s “lunch and learn” session which featured a talk and Q&A from animation director Mike Rauch.

Mike and his brother Tim have animated a small number of short radio documentaries using the audio recordings from some of the 70,000 collected for  Story Corps – a brilliant NPR initiative to collect American oral history by inviting participants to share their personal family stories.

The Rauch brothers selected a handful of some of the more poignant stories to animate, which became a whole new opportunity to share these stories across platforms. On average about 2 minutes each, the shorts are surprisingly moving, funny and above all, resonant.

Rauch mentioned that in the selection process, he was not only looking for good stories, but more importantly, characters who could translate vividly from voice to image.

This Valentines Day, consider sharing the Story Corps animated documentary Danny & Annie with your significant other (and others for that matter.)