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Cave of Forgotten Dreams

I challenge you to present me with a finer 3D film than Werner Herzog’s “Cave of Forgotten Dreams,” which took me on a transcendent guided journey into human history, one that I could never have imagined. Nor would I have ever been able to experience the 30,000 year-old paintings in Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc in southern France, because acess to the cave is nearly impossible unless you are a very lucky scientist. Or filmmaker.

You could say that this film is yet another volume in the anthology of humanity that is Herzog’s work over the past fifty years, but to set it apart, it is a breath-taking  poetic experience.  In fact, I never took to the 3D idea; now I can see how in the right hands, it makes for an entirely different film experience.

And to watch the film at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, where the film premiered last year. I was so lulled by the score (by Ernst Reijseger), the environment of the theatre melding together with the images of the enveloping cave, my imagination filled with what our ancestors must have been like, that I nearly fell into a trance.

“Cave of Forgotten Dreams” is still screening this week at TIFF Bell Lightbox. Quick go see it if you can before TIFF 2011 gets started.