Praise For My CannaBiz Trailer

Sometimes I feel like I work in a vacuum because the trailers that I produce for Doc Zone don’t get aired on TV – just on our website – which means I have a smaller audience (though that is changing.) But today my boss Michael forwarded me an email from the producer/director of our upcoming doc “CannaBiz”:
I really like the 3-minute promo on the website. It lays out the story and characters concisely and engagingly. I’d watch that show!
– Chris Aikenhead
It’s nice to get feedback! When I produce these, I watch the doc a few times and make notes. I watch it once more and write a script – I use key voice clips and overlay them over images. Then I take my script into the edit suite where I direct a skilled editor to cut the peice together. In this case, my editor spent a healthy chunk of time working the music track for which I was grateful. I love doing this work. It’s the most I’ve ever enjoyed my job! The editor and I had a particularly fun time with this one because I had the opportunity to regale her with all my experiences of living in a grow-op house, trimming excursions in the bush, and visiting the BC Compassion Club. She just thought it was all so awesome. It’s such a shame that the hippie fantasy of a peaceful pot-land has been comprimised lately by organized crime. But anyhoo…
Here’s the website for the doc – please click on the link to the trailer and then enjoy watching the doc next week! Or come back to the website after January 28th and watch the film online for free (Canadian residents only.)
CannaBiz trailer:
CannaBiz website:
PS if you or anyone you know needs help with a trailer, I’m for hire 😉


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