Grateful For A Democracy That Works

Jeez Louise, I tell ya. We got it good here in Canada. I’ve watched several compelling documentaries lately about people who live in nations officially run by (quasi-)democratic govenments, yet suffer under  the effective and oppressive rule of thugs.

I commend the brave filmmakers who bring us these stories because they risked their safety, their freedom and their lives to go behind the curtain so to speak, so that we may be reminded of the value democracy less we become complacent. 

And they accomplished this with remarkable style and story-telling skill.

I also celebrate the courage of the subjects of these films. Their strength of character is as remarkable as it is inspirational.

You might find yourself spreading their tale, and in turn, helping their fight.

* Burma VJ

* Mugabe and the White African

* Aghan Star – Canadian residents can watch this film online for free on the CBC’s Passionate Eye website here, or watch a trailer here:


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