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Meeting Werner Herzog And Drawing a Blank

I met Werner Herzog yesterday. I came across him standing alone in the CBC atrium. He was waiting for a TIFF-related interview to begin. My heart stopped in my throat. Of all the artists for me to come across during this celebrity-soaked time in Toronto! He is one of my heroes after all. I took a deep breath and stepped towards him.

He graciously accepted my compliments and he signed an autograph (as he signed, I thought “crap, does Herzog even DO autographs?” apparently he does.)

All of his films raced through my mind like a near-death experience. But I failed to come up with a witty remark. How dearly I wanted to make him laugh! How fantastic would it be if somehow he could remember me forever, draw the charicature of Ilka into his travel stories? “Then there was that time I met an uncommon young woman in Toronto…”

It’s been torturing me since I met him. What would YOU have said to Werner if you met him?


2009 TIFF Doc Picks

My head is spinning – not only because I just came up for breath after six weeks of working on a proposal for a stiff competition – but also because I finally read though the Toronto International Film Festival documentary selections… all twenty-seven of them! 

Though I dread going through the song and dance routine that involves getting tickets, I do have a wish-list. Here it is.

Schmatta: Rags to Riches because I love New York City even more than I love clothes.

* Petropolis because Peter Mettler’s “Picture of Light” turned me on to docs all those years ago, and because we danced together once though likely he won’t remember. Promises to be philosophical and gorgeous.

* Bassidji because the filmmaker, Mehran Tamadon, got three years access to the centre of the Iranian fundamentalist Bassidji paramilitary force, and I want to see “behind the curtain” so to speak.

* Cleanflix because I am fascinated with Mormon culture & values, and because Canada is entering copyright reform and I’m interested in all things copyright.

* How to Fold a Flag because I watched “The Hurt Locker” (I know – fiction film!) and loved it and this could be a real-life crossover.

* The Genius Within because it’s about the life and music of Glenn Gould. Crossing my fingers that producer Peter Raymont hits the bullseye with this one.

For the full Real to Reel list, click here.

For a bio on TIFF’s documentary programmer Thom Powers, click here.