Monthly Archives: July 2009


H2Oil is a smartly-done documentary about the largest oil deposit in the world and number one supplier of oil to the U.S.A. – Alberta’s tar sands. 

Through panoramic helicopter shots of the vast, open pits, and key interviews with First Nations elders, local doctors, government representatives and politicians, the doc tells the current tale of this region – that of massive profits and devestating environmental and human impact. 

The quick money grab of “squeezing” the sands for black gold leaves behind a toxic soup of tailings and polluted water that finds its way down the Athabasca River, into the stomachs of fish, the flesh of which is eaten by the local community. A very clear, and very obvious danger.

But what the doc does best is display the disconcerting lack of frank and open dialogue between the residents, the oil companies, the government and Canadians.

Accountability is a word tossed around by Canadian politicians daily – I toss it back to them with H2Oil. Kudos to first-feature doc filmmaker Shannon Walsh.

For more information on this documentary, how to get involved, and screenings in your area, click here.