Hot Docs Hot Picks

These are the films I’d like to see and why.

Act of God Because Jennifer Baichwal is a passionate, intelligent and philosophical filmmaker. Hopefully there will be an additional screening added.

Inside Hana’s Suitcase
This will be lyrical and may set a new standard for historical documentary film-making. Will eventually air on CBC TV.

Paris 1919 See great review here.

Burma VJ Because journalists sometimes risk their lives to tell stories and I’d like to learn how they do it. Besides, I’m taking a VJ course in May.

Rembrant’s J’Accuse Because I’m Dutch, love Rembrant and director Peter Greenaway is playful and this will be fun.

The Cove It’s probably going to get a theatrical run – it got rave reviews at Sundance – and I usually don’t see films I will easily see later in the theatre, but we commissioned a similar doc for CBC (“Dolphin Dealer” which you can watch here:

El Olvido (Oblivion) Skilled veteran filmmaker Heddy Honigmann will take me to Lima, Peru and show me the people and the sights.

I am curious about Carmen Meets Borat, Forgetting Dad, and Robinsons of Mantsinsaari. I will see these if they fit into my schedule.

Objectified, Tyson, The Yes Men Fix the World I have a strong feeling these will be available at my local indie video store within six months, so although I want to see these films, they are therefore on my B-List. Fierce Light will be getting a theatrical run in Toronto after Hot Docs so I will check it out then. I saw Fierce when it was at rough-cut stage a year ago and it had a lot of potential to become an inspirational classic.

65_Redroses, Love at the Starlight Motel, Experimental Eskimos Will either air on CBC Newsworld or documentary channel, and are therefore on my C-List.

I am most excited to discover documentaries that I will stumble upon whenever I have the time to see something I’ll snap up the chance – no matter what it is.

For more information on Hot Docs films, please click here.


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