Allan King Film Festival on TVO

Starting today, you can watch 3 short films on the TVO website and vote for your favourite. The subject matter is Canadian social commentary – what filmmaker Alan King did best, hence the festival is named after him.

Take a look at all 3, they are only a couple of minutes long. My friend and former colleague Adrianna Capozzi has an entry.

The winner will be announced April 10th, and starting on the 26th, TVO will begin a retrospective of King’s work including the critically acclaimed “Empz 4 Life,” “Warrendale” and “Dying at Grace.”

I haven’t see either and I will be sure to PVR them.  I am particularly interested in Warrendale, the CBC-commissioned film that was so upsetting it was shelved for many years. Since I work with CBC commissioning editors, I am interested in learning more about the history of the commissioning process. The film is about disturbed youth living in a facility called Warrendale. I have close friends who have worked with troubled youth and I am always compelled to watch films about this topic.

I also have a personal interest in Dying at Grace because my mother was a geriatric nurse for ten years and I know the particualar challenges that are associated with that work and would like to see how it was translated to film.

Difficult subjects documented with compassion – King’s goal and the goal of the filmmakers whose short films are available for your two cents worth.


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