Oscar’s Short Documentary Category

The first short documentary to ever win an Academy Award was in 1941 and it was a Canadian film produced by the NFB on WWII called “Churchill’s Island.”  It’s a propaganda film for sure, but if you can get past that, you’ll see  some pretty exciting footage from aerial fights, to submarines, and torpedo boats.

For this year’s Oscars Short Doc category , I’ve linked clips for the nominees:

The Conscience of Nhem En

The Final Inch

Smile Pinki

The Witness – from the Balcony of Room 306

My prediction is that The Witness will win on the coattails of President Obama’s victory.  The others are commendable, “important” documentaries that so often fail to garner an excited audience.


4 responses to “Oscar’s Short Documentary Category

  1. Thanks For bringing these to my attention. They all look pretty powerful. The Conscience of Nhem En especially gets me. The devastating impact of the Khmer Rouge and the horror of S-21 is hard to bare for people who know little about it, I don’t understand how the people involved in the genocide, like Nhem En, a Khmer Rouge soldier who photographed thousands of people before they were tortured and executed, can live with it.

  2. Yes, how people live through the soul-destructive nature of war is a big question – I am glad to see this was nominated for an Oscar along with “The Betrayal” in the long-form category though I am not surprised neither film won – they are difficult films. “Smile Pinki” and “Man on Wire” leave a person feeling more celebratory about the human condition!

  3. Excellent site — See you at HOT DOCS?

  4. You will be there? I will be at the Rogers Industry Centre all week next week. Will be great to see you!

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