National Film Board Crux

I just read an alarming article in The Walrus about the tenuous state of the NFB.  Truth be that I myself am hardpressed to name recent NFB titles (‘cept “Up the Yangtze” which was just nominated for a Genie Award.) I know from working at the CBC in documentaries that CBC’s digital documentary channel airs select NFB projects, but the ratings for documentary are dismally low. Why? Low subscription mainly due to little awareness. We are all hoping that their sponsorship of Hot Docs festival this season will increase viewership and bring NFB productions to the foreground.

The NFB recently re-vamped their website – there is loads of great stuff to watch. Flipping Out is a another sample of the cool NFB programming that CBC’s documentary channel shares  its viewers.

Update: The Walrus just published an Online Exclusive countering the previously published article above and it contains a wonderful intro to NFB for anyone who is interested in learning more about what the NFB does!


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